Goodness, Ease, Profits

Raising money for your team or group? Tired of the same stale popcorn and wrapping paper?  We’ll partner with you and not only help you raise those funds but provide great tasting, nutritious treats that will keep your friends coming back for more!  With the extra revenue, your group may need to do even more great things! 

Blue Ridge Baking Company thinks what you’re doing is special and we want to help. Thriving communities is just another ingredient in “Goodness Made Here”.


How does it Work?  

We partner with your business or program (Ex. theatre groups, Mentoring Programs, Montessori, etc.) and formulate a fundraising plan based on your specific program and goals. You spread our delicious goodies and we can help you make your fundraising goals come true!


Contact us: for more information on our fundraising plans!